Hi! I’m Lilith.

Lilith headshot

I build websites for humans.

I’m a queer Gen X woman who lives in Minneapolis, coaches roller derby, cooks vegetarian food, and does various other nerdy things in her copious free time.

Lilith Bentley
2011 3rd Ave S Apt 235
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Professional life

I’m a web designer and full-stack developer with over a decade of front-end development experience.

(Here are my résumé and GitHub.)

I have years of experience with semantic HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, ARIA and accessibility, jQuery, Git, Adobe Creative Suite, and multiple content management systems. After a mid-career plateau, I decided to get serious about learning the rest of the stack; I completed Prime Digital Academy’s Full Stack Engineering progam and immersed myself in modern JavaScript development, including Node.js, Express, React, and Redux, as well as PostreSQL and Heroku deployment.

I’m a passionate supporter of web standards and best practices, user experience, and accessibility, and as a team member, I strive to help my teammates stay grounded and in sync with each other and their values.

Personal life

Let me just be direct: Yup, I’m Trans! (…and that’s a good thing!)

Aside from the personal effects of casting off decades of Wrongness, my experiences have given me insight and empathy for humans of many different types, as well as a keen awareness of the ethical ramifications of tech and the many ways it can go wrong.

Roller derby

I attended my first roller derby bout in 2007, I bought my skates in 2008, and started playing in 2009.

I’ve long since retired from playing—my body was no longer up to the job—and, to be honest, I was never more than mediocre anyway. I’ve never fallen out of love with the game or the community, though, and these days I am lucky enough to be part of the coaching staff for the Minnesota Roller Derby All-Star program.


I designed and built this site. It’s nothing fancy; just static HTML and CSS, but sometimes that’s all you need to get the job done.

The site is hosted on AWS + CloudFront and uses Amazon Certificate Manager for SSL. The domain is registered through Google, and GSuite powers my lilith@bentley.soy address.

Social media icons from Icons8.

The text is set in Tofino, a sans-serif type family from Alanna Munro. It’s one of my favorites; I love the warmth it brings to the usually staid neo-grotesque genre.

The headshot was taken by Mark Hurlburt in September 2019.